Holiday Sobriety

“My sobriety isn’t a limitation. Sobriety isn’t even a ‘have to’—it’s a superpower.” Brené Brown

There is no judgment but some things to think about at this time of year,,,, 

For some people, alcohol has become a slippery slope. Too often, the line between drinking socially and using alcohol to cope with life, issues, problems, or hurts get crossed. Unfortunately, many adults know only too well the pain, the hurt, the suffering the drama that addiction has caused with their relationships and loved ones. 

Here are some tips to get through the holidays sober,

1.  Choose a partner who is willing to be supportive and stay sober with you. Doing it together will not only make it easier, but it will also bring the two of you closer together, and nobody needs to feel like the odd person out 

2. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate the relationship for those who choose not to be understanding and supportive of your choice to be sober. Are these people that want the best for you? Are they people who have your back? Choosing to be sober should not negatively Impact any healthy relationship. If the relationship is unhealthy, ask yourself, why do you continue to allow this person into your life. 

3. Being sober is a choice. It is not choosing to deprive yourself. It is about choosing to be present in a positive way for yourself and in the lives of the people that matter to you most. 

4. Being sober does not diminish your ability to socialize and have fun. You are not “missing out.” It is an opportunity to learn to make really delicious non-alcohol beverages. 

5. Be prepared that some people might ask questions or pass judgments. Practice the answer you will give them that empowers you and leaves you feeling comfortable. 

6. Most of all, be supportive of one another and reach out for assistance to Family Coaching, LLC if necessary to help you be successful with this transition. Dina uses NLP to help her clients empower themselves to no longer need or crave alcohol. Call her at (480)433-2800. 


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