4 Tips to Build Your Empire While Welcoming Your Bundle of Joy

4 Tips to Build Your Empire While Welcoming Your Bundle of Joy

Welcome to parenthood! With a little one on the way, you may be wondering how your new bundle of joy will impact your business life. It can be challenging to focus on building an empire when settling into a new routine with a baby in tow.

The good news is that there are tons of resources and strategies that help you stay on track with work and family life - it just takes some time and creativity to find them.

In this article, we'll share four tips for starting a business while welcoming your bundle of joy so that you don't have any regrets down the road.

  1. Work from home. But get your own space.

Save yourself the long commutes that waste so much time you don't have by working from home.

But set up an office or at least a work area for yourself where you can have everything you need (a desk, comfy chair, laptop, printer/scanner), so you're

always ready to get straight down to work. And don’t forget to check the ergonomics, your back will thank you!

  1. Get help. That deadly combination of guilt and pride makes us want to make sure we do it all independently. But it doesn't make you a worse parent if you get some help. It will give you some time back and free up your headspace so that the time that you're with your baby, you can be more relaxed and give them your undivided attention.

So get a sitter, hire a catering or food delivery service, get a dog walker, and get help with all those little day-to-day household chores that eat up your time.

3. Outsource work tasks. Being your own boss doesn't always mean having more free time to spend with your baby. Let's face it, starting a business is hard, and there are often more things to do at the beginning than hours in the day. And that's without counting your home commitments.

That's why it's essential to decide what tasks you want to keep on your plate if they suit your skills and fit in with your schedule, and what tasks are best to outsource. It can be more costly at a time when you're worried about keeping your startup costs low, but the payoff is a better balance between work and home so that you don't miss those critical first years with your baby while keeping your sanity.

So go to freelancing sites and hire a freelance graphic designer to come up with your catchy business name and slogan for you. Hire a copywriter to write your web copy or email sequences. Find a virtual assistant who can keep your schedule on track and take some tasks off your plate. If you’re managing a team - even a small one - it may be time to sign up for a payroll service that includes direct deposit service so that you can automate payroll and rest easy knowing your team will be taken care of whether you’re in front of your computer or not.

  1. Be flexible and patient. It's hard enough to plan out your life and have control of it no matter where you are in your life. But when a new baby comes along while you’re managing your own business … all plans go out the window. And guess what? That’s ok! Give yourself the space and time to adjust to your baby's sleep schedules, unexpected sick days, bad nights, doctor's appointments, and a host of other events that will throw a wrench into your day. It’s all worth it, and it will all work out.

By thinking ahead now, you’ll be removing some of the stress by preplanning some flex time into everything- your weekly schedule, launch dates, business plan, etc. and you’ll have the help in place to make it through this rocky - yet joyous - time.

Many entrepreneurs call their new business ventures their baby. And when you pair that with a real, crying baby, it can soon be overwhelming. So be kind to yourself, acknowledge that it won't always look perfect, and give yourself credit for the little things you achieve. Baby steps!

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Marissa Perez, has spent the last 10 years honing her marketing skills and now she wants to share her knowledge with those who have decided to take on entrepreneurship. She co-created Business Pop to provide insight and advice to those who aspire to succeed in owning a business.

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