The Snow Day Effect: Online Activities for Kids During Winter


Winter can drag on for kids as they find themselves stuck indoors due to bad weather. Their time inside doesn’t need to be spent watching television or moping around the house if you find a productive, educational, and engaging activity for your kids to ride out the winter storms. The web offers an endless variety of options, including exercise videos, educational activities, projects, and lesson plans.

Lessons on the Internet

The internet has changed the way learning happens in the modern world. People have taken learning into their own hands and been able to pursue interests, hobbies, and passions from their homes. The web offers a plethora of opportunities to learn new skills, find information, and supplement traditional education. If winter has your kids wondering what to do when they can’t go outside, why not have them learn a new skill?

  • YouTube kids’ workout videos: Need to get your kids exerting some energy? Workout videos get kids active and help them learn new ways to exercise. These can include kids’ yoga, aerobics and dancing.
  • Online Music Lessons: A variety of online music schools and academies offer great ways to get students learning new skills. According to Parents Magazine, music lessons can provide a variety of benefits for kids, including enhancing academic skills, developing coordination, and improving social skills. Students can learn instruments like the guitar, piano, drums, and even brass and wind instruments.
  • Artist Skills: Every kid enjoys exploring their imagination. Having your child take lessons in drawing or painting can encourage creativity and confidence. Online art lessons can take your child step by step in learning valuable skills that can transfer to a variety of fields later on in life.
  • Dance Lessons: Another way to get your little one off the couch is by learning to dance through tutorials and lessons. Many online lessons include hip-hop, ballet, and jazz.

Supplementing Important Subjects

Educational activities can take many different forms. Mixing it up is a good way to keep children’s brains busy and learning. They can learn about problem solving and critical thinking from building with legos or working with puzzles and patterns.

STEM stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math,” which are all important subjects that prepare children for a future in viable career paths. Plenty of online sources have ideas on STEM-related activities that you can do with your kids indoors while they learn hands-on skills. These include:

  • Science projects
  • Indoor gardening
  • Math games

Other Learning Opportunities

The internet has something to offer children of all ages and interests. The Spruce has a few suggestions on free and fun websites for young kids that range from letter recognition, brain games, science studies and other topics.

  • Real Estate Lesson Plans: Find new ways to incorporate basic subjects. Real estate is a fun, educational option, because as Redfin notes, “Real estate is a complex field that requires skills in math, science, English, social studies and home economics. By incorporating real estate-based lessons into your curriculum, you can help students gain valuable skills in practical math application, presentation giving, forming a persuasive argument, earth science and so much more.”
  • Animal Lesson Plans: Teach kids the importance of learning about different animals and their environments. You can make this hands-on by teaching them about the care of pets. Through online lesson plans, children can learn about caring for domestic animals and even the histories of a variety of species. Teaching kids about the care of animals means they learn about biology, animal behavior and nature.

Winter can be a great opportunity for kids to engage in different kinds of learning by finding unique ways to supplement basic subjects like math, English and science, or obtaining new skills like drawing, playing music or dancing. You never know — your child may just run across a new passion as they explore new avenues of acquiring knowledge.

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