3 Reasons Every Young Couple Should Seek Out Premarital Counseling


Divorces are all too common in today’s world. While many young couples don’t like to think about the possibility that their relationship could one day come to an end, pre-marriage counseling can actually provide the tools you need to work through problems in your relationship and help you create a happy, long-lasting marriage. In fact, couples who undergo counseling prior their wedding have a 30% higher marital success rate than those who don’t. If you’re wondering when to see a couples counselor, it’s most beneficial to do so before you tie the knot. They can offer expert marriage advice, help you solve issues, and prepare you better for what will come your way. Here are just three reasons why you should seek out premarital counseling, especially if you’re a young couple:

1. Recognize Your Issues
No matter how well you and your partner get along, there are bound to be certain issues that exist or that may arise in the future. It’s likely that you may have been putting off more serious discussions that pertain to decisions down the road, like whether to have kids, preference for parenting style, or political or religious beliefs. Couples counseling topics often include ways to address these points before they become significant issues, as well as current problems that already exist in your relationship. The sooner you’re able to identify these problems and talk about them, the more productive and happy your relationship will be.

2. Communicate More Effectively
One of the most common premarital questions discussed in therapy is how to communicate more effectively. In many cases, one partner is a better communicator than the other — or neither will want to communicate in an effective way when issues arise. But if you fail to communicate, that’s when relationships start to fall apart. When you seek out marriage advice through couples therapy, you’ll learn how to communicate with your partner in a way that doesn’t damage your relationship. It’s all about the promotion of honesty, as well as expression and listening. When you are able to communicate more effectively, you’ll be better in tune with the wants and needs of your partner and you’ll be able to work together on building your relationship.

3. Gain Outside Perspective
They say that love is blind for a reason: sometimes when you’re so deep into your relationship, you’re unable to recognize the problems that exist. That’s why it’s so great to have an outside perspective from someone with vast experience. The marriage advice you receive from a counselor is different from what you’ll get from a family member or friend. Although those words of wisdom can certainly be helpful, they come with a certain bias, whether it pertains to personal experience or how they might feel about you, your partner, or your relationship in general. Whether you feel your relationship is in the pique of health or you feel you have a lot to work on before walking down the aisle, this professional perspective can offer expertise that others may not be able to provide.

Whether you’re a young couple getting ready for your big day or you’re parents seeking out a family counselor, we’re here to help you. To find out more about our services, contact us today.

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