Counseling Your Way Through Infidelity


Infidelity is one of the most hurtful experiences one can endure in a relationship.

If one or both partners has been unfaithful, it can be a death sentence for the marriage. In some cases, the infidelity may have manifested through problems with the relationship that both partners may be willing to address. The healing process may be difficult, but marriage counseling is one of the best ways to begin.
Infidelity is never easy to handle, and discussions usually tend to be emotionally charged. Marriage counseling can help the couple approach the subject openly and honestly in a neutral setting. While the discussion is often painful, having a mediator will be a great help; they can provide insights the emotional couple may not have considered.

Discover the Cause

A married person may cheat for any number of reasons. It could be an impulse, and in those cases, the unfaithful partner typically feels horrible about him or herself after the extramarital engagement. In other situations, the unfaithful partner made a calculated effort to cheat. In either case, open discussion will reveal a lot about what the motivation for the cheating may have been and if it signifies a deeper issue. A trained marriage counselor can help discover some of these motivations.

Damage Control

If the couple decides to move past the infidelity, it’s usually a long, dedicated process. It may take a great deal of time before the one who was betrayed can see past his or her partner’s unfaithfulness. In some cases, the couple may discover that the infidelity was borne out of an aspect of their marriage they feel cannot be fixed. While cheating is hurtful and disrespectful in a marriage, it can spur the couple into moving on with their lives in a healthier way. Marriage counseling can help a couple see this sooner rather than later.

A marriage counselor can provide invaluable support for both partners. The unfaithful partner may be suffering in some unknown way, and the cheating was a display of another underlying issue. While this does not excuse the behavior, it gives the couple something to work on together, and if they survive unfaithfulness, they may grow even closer for it.


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