The Golden Rule to a Happy and Loving Marriage…


The golden rule of marriage says treat your partner like you yourself would want to be treated.

Please do not confuse this with do for your partner as you would have them do for you.  After all we are not the same person, and although there are times that we wish our spouses acted or thought more like us – think about it would you really want to be married to someone just like you?  I go back and say treat your partner.

For example, if honesty is important to you, and it would really hurt you if you could not trust the word of the person you share a life with, then be honest yourself.  If you want to be spoken to in a respectful tone, then do the same for your spouse.  Too often I see couples come in interrupting the other one, speaking over them, insulting them, and always assuming the worst from them.  I have heard wives chuckle as they say he will never change.  Or husbands that smirk as they comment that she will never do that, she probably won’t remember to do it.  Is that how we speak to our friends and co-workers?  Probably not, then why do we speak to our loved ones like that?

The rules are simple.  Play nice, be fair, take turns speaking and listening.  Share, say please and thank you, don’t lie, and when you are wrong be willing to admit it and say you are sorry.  Feel free to take out anyone of these behaviors that aren’t important to you.  If you are okay with your spouse lying to you, never appreciating all that you do right, just let them continue to be bossy, and ignore what is important to you then Do Not Change a Thing.  However, if you find yourself or your partner’s actions that leave you wanting a time out give Dina from Family Coaching LLC in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area a call for a free phone consultation or to make an appointment to come in (480)433-2800.

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