How to Know if You’re Ready for Divorce


In Many Cases, Counseling and Teamwork Can Overcome Marital Differences and Get Your Marriage Back on Track.
In other cases, however, divorce is the best option for both parties and may be best for your family in the long run.

If You’re Considering a Split From Your Spouse, Here Are 4 Questions to Consider.

1. Are those long-lost feelings of love still there?
In most cases, people don’t divorce simply because they fall out of love. Instead, their separation hinges on issues like money, raising children, and stress from work. If you still feel drawn to your partner, you might want to consider trying counseling before considering divorce or separation. If there are no sparks of passion left, it might be time for a divorce.

2. Do you want a different marriage or just a better one?
Many people claim to want out of their current arrangement but really just want their situation to be better. After all, you already chose your spouse as the person with whom you wanted to spend the rest of your life. People can change and learn to work together and it’s usually much easier in the long run than total separation. If there’s no way that your spouse can redeem him or herself in your eyes, then divorce is likely the answer.

3. Are you giving up without a fight?
Even if your wedding was magical, marriage isn’t a fairytale. It requires dedication and effort for the rest of your days. You shouldn’t be searching for a divorce if you haven’t attempted to overcome your problems first. Seeking couples counseling can be a very enlightening experience, and you should be willing to try remedies like it before moving on to the paperwork.

4. Have you considered your own issues?
No one is perfect, and a marriage is two flawed individuals trying to see past each other’s differences. It’s only human nature to want to shift the blame to the other person, but don’t go searching for divorce out of anger or under the impression you’ve done nothing wrong. Take a moment to think about your own behaviors, and see if you might be the catalyst to some of your disagreements.

Divorce is a big deal and it isn’t a decision you should make lightly. Think carefully about your relationship and seek professional assistance before deciding to throw in the towel. You just might avoid a serious mistake.

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