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How to Tell if Your Marriage Still Stands a Chance


The Divorce Rate in America is Staggeringly High!

There are more than 875,000 cases every single year – about one divorce every 36 seconds. For some couples, there is no other choice. However, many relationships don’t fit this bill. There are several signs that show your relationship is salvageable.

You Know You’re Not Perfect

If you think every fault in your marriage is your partner’s fault, it’s not a good sign. Instead of immediately blaming him or her for their behavior, consider how your own actions might be causing them. If you can remember and admit to times when you were unfair, hurtful, or behaved poorly without reason, it’s evidence of a healthy mindset for re-cultivating romance.

You Enjoy Little Signs of Your Spouse

If you smell your partner’s perfume or aftershave and your heart chirps happily, it’s a very good sign. Smell is linked to our memories more strongly than any other sense. When your body reacts positively to those special smells, it shows evidence of a deeper connection. You still have inherently good feelings about your partner, meaning there’s something there to save.

Cheating Wasn’t What You Expected

Infidelity can ruin a marriage, but it’s not necessarily a death sentence for your relationship. If you cheated but it didn’t fulfill or excite you, it’s probably because it’s just a symptom of a problem in your marriage. The grass isn’t always greener, and even though betrayal can be hard to overcome, you may realize how much you care for your partner after an affair.

You’re Still Friends

For many of us, our spouse is our partner – a best friend, No. 1 fan, and most constructive critic. If you can’t image your life without that dynamic, it shows there are a lot of good feelings to build on. The more you do together and the more you depend on one another, the stronger your bond will be and the more likely it is that you’ll bounce back from conflict.

You Can Reminisce About the Good Times

Memories, feelings, and experiences form the glue that holds a marriage together. Your partner leaving socks on the floor or spending a few dollars behind your back seems a lot less significant when you compare it to the fun you had on your first dinner during your honeymoon. There will always be things about which to disagree, but a strong and positive history is hard to ignore.

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