Situations Where You and Your Partner May Want to Seek Couples Counseling


Family counseling techniques are often used to keep couples together who are on the brink of divorce. While separation or divorce are some of the most popular reasons for seeking a family counselor, there are many other couples counseling topics that many may not consider. Here are some reasons to see a couples counselor: 

  1. You have different styles of parenting: Some parents’ childcare styles just don’t mesh, which isn’t always a reason for separation. However, it does cause stress on the couple. Counseling for parents can be used to discuss other options or address the reasons why these styles of parenting are not working. Many parents rush to ask their partner, “Why do I always have to be the bad guy?” or tell the other to stop pressuring the children so much. Discussing these issues with a counselor can help you both develop a plan that can help you compromise and better your relationship with your child and each other.
  2. You don’t communicate well: Some people don’t share their feelings or what they think. If your partner doesn’t share things with you, it can be hard to even start a conversation. Sometimes, someone may wonder if their partner thinks or feels at all, or if it’s just that they don’t feel anything towards them. Ironically, lack of communication usually causes more stress and anger than miscommunication. Seeking a counselor in order to learn how to frame questions or address issues that arise will help you in the long run.
  3. You have premarital questions and marriage advice: You may not even be married yet, but it’s not uncommon to be stressed out about how marriage will affect your relationship. Pre-marriage counseling is an effective form of communication, and the counselor may bring up points that you may never have thought of. Finances, tax changes, moving, getting together with each others’ families, and the possibility of children are all commonly brought up questions that many couples ask at counseling.

Three-quarters of couples who received couples therapy are much happier than those who did not. If you and your partner are having issues like the ones above, or are experiencing any other problems that you would like to address, contact AZ Family Counseling Center.

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