You Might Be Ready for Marriage if You…


If you’re thinking about getting married, congratulations. Marriage is a wonderful thing.

Just because you feel ready for marriage doesn’t always mean you’re actually ready. Similarly, uncertainty isn’t a sign that you shouldn’t get married. There are some key ways to tell if you’re ready, and knowing them can help making that big decision a little bit easier.

You Want a Marriage, Not a Wedding

Weddings are exciting and require a lot of planning, so it’s natural to put thought into them. However, you’re ready for marriage when you think beyond the wedding. When you think about living with your partner the day after the wedding, and the weeks and years after that. How does that make you feel? If you’re filled with dread or indifference, you may not be ready to marry him or her. Instead, you may be too focused on the wedding, itself. Step back and consider what living with this person will really be like.

You Think in Terms of “We” and not “Me”

People naturally put themselves first, but with a spouse, you must consider his or her needs in addition to your own. When you think about future plans, do you think in terms of what you want or what you both want? You’re ready for marriage when you make big decisions together, such as how to handle finances, where you want to live, and how many children you want. You’re also ready for marriage when you talk with the other person before making decisions or changes.

You Don’t Keep Secrets

Your partner needs to know everything about you, including the quirks you hid because you thought that they were too weird. Knowing as much as you can ensures that you’re comfortable with each other. It builds trust and security, because you know they will always be the one person in your life who loves you just the way you are.

You Want to Be Together

Every man needs a football or poker night, and every woman needs a girls’ night out now and then. If you’re ready for marriage, though, you’ll want to spend most of your time with your partner. If a night in together sounds relaxing or a Saturday morning cuddling in bed is more exciting than your golf game, you’re there.

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