Family Counseling Can Uncover Teens’ Hidden Problems


Teenagers deal with countless problems every day.

Unfortunately, parents often don’t notice these because they’re only aware of some behaviors that point to issues. Sadness, anger, and sudden rebellion are certainly signs of a big problem, but others exist, as well. Additionally, your teen may not be open about certain issues, such as the pressures of trying to get into a good college or the pressure to try drugs.

Youth and family counseling is often an excellent way to uncover problems and enable teens to improve. It doesn’t mean your family is failing or your teen is mentally ill; it simply means you’re willing to reach out for help. Start by learning some specific ways counseling can help with your teens’ problems.

Learn the Risks

Family counselors can often identify risk factors for certain problems before they begin. For example, a family  counselor can talk to your teen about feelings regarding the death of a loved one and tell you if depression is a possibility. If your family is overloaded with work, school, and activities, a family counselor can assess risk of conditions like burnout. He or she can tell you whether your teen is withdrawn or acting rebellious because of increased pressure in school or sports.

Give Your Teen a Confidant

As parents, we want our teens to feel comfortable telling us about everything. Sometimes though, certain issues are awkward to share. For example, teens may not want to discuss being pressured to try sex or drugs because they know how parents feel about those things. Teens may fear anger or disappointment, even when parents indicated they’re open to talking about the subject. As an objective third party who keeps what he or she hears confidential, a therapist can be a good sounding board and actually improve communication between teens and parents.

Throw Out a Lifeline

Family and youth counseling is a lifeline for many teens struggling with serious issues such as anxiety, mental or behavioral disorders, or disordered eating. No teen should handle these issues alone, and a family counselor can be a huge help.


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