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Interracial Couple


Sibling Rivalry

Parents have too much to do during their day to play referee all day long for siblings that are fighting, screaming, and whining.  As difficult as this may sound the job of a parent is to put them selves out of a job by the time the child is 18.  This starts by letting children learn to monitor their own behaviors.  Model desired behaviors – do not referee.  If a parent tries to resolve their children’s problems for them, how will they learn to do it for themselves?  Set boundaries, teach children to have respect for them and for their sibling, teach patience, and the art of sharing and taking turns, and then trust them as long as violence is not involved to figure it out.  Remember the Golden Rule treat another the way you want to be treated.  Set boundaries but do not give in to the one that makes the most noise.  Children are smart they will learn what we teach them.