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Parenting Counseling in Scottsdale

PCIT – Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

It is never too early to begin helping our children learn responsibility for their actions.  As parents of a toddler or a young child, we want them to understand the rules of the family, to be part of the family.  The key is communication and respect.  Children learn to respect others as well as themselves when they live in an environment that models to them love and trust.

Parenting with respect. Perhaps one of the most important relationship and bonds that people develop are between a parent and a child.  Building a trusting relationship is an important foundation.  Through the coaching process, parents can learn to empower even young children by making choices and learning to understand consequences.  The goal is to set boundaries while demonstrating compassion.  Parents can enter a child’s world through empathy and understanding, by showing a value for their emotions while implementing restrictions on their behaviors.

Like an adult, a child needs to be restricted without being embarrassed, censured without being humiliated, admired without judgment, and accepted instead of disputing their thoughts, their views, and their beliefs. Offering a child this foundation helps to develop a child’s self-esteem.  By fostering these feelings, they are better prepared for their personal, academic, and social success. For more information on parenting counseling in Scottsdale call us today!