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Military Veterans


As a way of saying thank you to all our military and their families having issues acclimating back into their civilian lives whether suffering from PTSD or other stressful and overwhelming thoughts and concerns as a spouse or parent Family Coaching offers 25% off of all post transition readjustment services – individual, couples, or family counseling.  Please contact us HERE to learn more.


When statistics talk about the casualty of war nobody includes the families and the marriages that get destroyed.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, although on a slight decline in recent years, divorce rates among military families is still two to three times higher than the rate for civilian couples.

And according to the Department of Veterans Affairs, studies have found that, in addition to more general relationship problems, families of Veterans with PTSD have more family violence, more physical and verbal aggression, and more instances of violence against a partner.

Phoenix, AZ Counseling for Veterans


Sadly, nobody prepares military families for what to expect in their marriage and family lives.  Nobody explains how hard it is to come in and out of their loved ones lives, go months without hearing from them, miss first steps, birthdays, soccer games, school plays, and first dates.  For those left behind spouses often have to be both mom and dad, have to deal with the loneliness of not having anyone to share their bed with at night, and try and explain to the children why their mom or dad cannot be there for them.

As hard as all that is, often times the adjustment of reentering the family dynamics of being present, loving, and emotional to what may seem like strangers is even harder.  Once again finding their place in the family and trying to connect with people who you cannot truly share your experiences with.  Knowing that there is no way they would understand all that you had to do in order to survive, protect yourself, your unit, your loved ones back home, and your country.  Trying to understand and relate to why your spouse gets so angry, frustrated, or emotional about what you consider “first world” problems after all that you have seen, done, and endured is often times the hardest part.  Some veterans experience guilt, a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or the inability to feel or display emotions.  These issues often lead to a lack of intimacy in one’s relationship, anger, or even emotional or physical abuse.  Too often one shuts down, finds themselves angry, and begins to use alcohol and / or drugs as a coping mechanism to prevent themselves from having to think, feel or deal with day to day issues that may appear to be inconsequential or mundane.  However, what happens to the family members that waited for you to come home, and part of you still hasn’t.

As a veteran too often one feels that it is a sign of weakness to ask or go for counseling.  After all they have been through and survived they are strong and should be able to fix the problem on their own.  However, PTSD counseling whether as an individual, a couple, or in a family session speaking with a professional can help you and your loved ones reconnect.  Once again learn to be there for each other.  Help each other through the rough times, and learn to enjoy good times by creating new memories.


At Family Coaching, LLC, located in the Scottsdale Phoenix area, you will work directly with a family counseling professional who has the knowledge, understanding, and sensitivity to give you the necessary tools to reconnect with your family and help with post transition readjustment.  Whether you are the veteran or the partner of someone suffering from PTSD, I welcome you to pick up the phone and call Dina for a free 30-minute phone consultation and to make an appointment to help both of you rebuild the relationship you once had and want.

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