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Youth Counselor Services in Phoenix

Counseling for Adolescents, Children & Teens

Are you ready to stop the emotional roller coaster – the constant yelling at the top of the lungs?  Tired of the slamming doors, talking back, being rude and inconsiderate.  What happened to that sweet child you used to have?  Worried abut the poor choices they are making… A relationship coach is just the answer.

These are trying times on you, the family, and your teenage child.  Their hormones are out of control.  They look like adults, but they are not.  They are confused, under a great deal of pressure, and not sure where to turn.  Believe it or not, they need you now more then ever.  It was so much easier when a kiss would make the booboo all better.  Now the pressure they are under is huge and the stakes are higher – even under the best circumstances they have to balance pier pressure, school, social challenges, substance abuse, and more.  Our job as parents is to help them navigate these years and come out as responsible adults with as few scars as possible.

Through coaching, an open and honest line of communication will form.  A mutual sense of respect will develop as family rules are adhered to.  The one time yelling and ignoring will be replaced with civil dialogue.  Teenagers need to know they are heard, that someone is really listening to them, that they matter, and that their problems are real while still living within the guidelines and rules you have established.  You can make this happen.  Call me now to get started.